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Web Hosting

SWADESHI InfoTECH is a web designing agency that offers all kind of web based application solutions. SWADESHI InfoTECH always aims that their clients and associates are seen on top when we search on Google about that company with their best design and development. SWADESHI InfoTECH is unique as they offer high-quality hosting packages. Hosting solutions used at SWADESHI InfoTECH are blended with the latest technology and reliable hosting experience.

What is Web hosting?

A web hosting facility is an Internet hosting service that allows us and organizations to enable their website obtainable on the World Wide Web. Web hosts are people who provide space on servers leased or owned for use by the clients. It is also used to provide Internet connectivity mainly in a data center. SWADESHI InfoTECH is the best company for these services in Delhi. They also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers that are located in their data center. This is called collocation which is also known as Housing in Latin America or France.

Use of Web Hosting

The availability of a particular website is measured by the percentage of a year in which the website is publicly accessible and reachable through the internet. Uptime refers to the system being online; it does not consider being able to reach it as in the happening of a network outage. Internet hosts run the Web servers. Many companies that need continuous coverage and are multi-functioning need to be permanently connected to the web to send emails and all.
There are different types of hosting

  1. Free web hosting service: These are offered by companies with limited number of services. These are sometimes supported by advertisements and in many cases are limited when compared to paid hosting.
  2. Shared web hosting service: In this type one's website is placed on the same server with numerous other sites which can range from a few to hundreds to thousands. Generally all domains share a common pool of server resources like RAM and the CPU. The features that are available with this type of services are preliminary and are not flexible in terms of updates.
  3. Reseller web hosting: This type allows the clients to become web hosts themselves. Resellers have the potential to function for individual domains. Many resellers provide a similar service to their provider's shared hosting plan, and they provide the technical support.
There are other types of hosting which SWADESHI InfoTECH services provide, few of them are listed as follows
  1. Virtual Dedicated Server
  2. Dedicated hosting service
  3. Managed hosting service
  4. Colocation web hosting service
  5. Cloud hosting
  6. Clustered hosting
  7. Grid hosting
  8. Home server


SWADESHI InfoTECH is fast growing and a very trustable organization. It provides the following qualities that are unique and cannot be expected by every other company

    • Cheapest services without any compromise in the quality
    • The name of the organization itself is enough to predict the desired output
    • Strong and determined in the client’s growth
    • Easy and fast delivery of services and most importantly deadlines are strictly followed.
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