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Payment gateway Installation:

Do you want to install a payment gateway to your website?Then you are the right place. SWADESHI InfoTECH is a leading Website Designing company that provides a wide range of Web Based application solutions. Installation of Payment gateways is one of them. The payment gateway we install is quite easy, simple and fast making the experience of online payment a child’s play and a great smooth experience. Our payment gateways are highly secured by 124 bit and hence your customers can enjoy high quality and highly secured online payment services through the portal established by us.

What is Payment Gateway?

Whenever you shop online through any of the website and if you required doing online payments then you require a Payment gateway to carry on your payments. You can make online payments through any of the online payment mechanisms like the PayPal, debit card, credit card or net banking. These payment methods connect to your website or portal through what is called Payment gateway. SWADESHI InfoTECH helps you install these payment gateways to your website so that you can receive payments through the various online payment methods.

Applications of Payment Gateway

Nowadays there are many services that can be provided online. To strike the deal online, you are required that the payment for your service is received and is safe. So in order to receive online payments a payment gateway is essentialto any online business or for that matter for any website. Some of the benefits that one can get by installing a payment gateway are:

  • Makes the experience of your customer quite easy and fast. It makes convenient for your customer to make the payment for the service online rather than making payment physically.
  • It increases your sales as the transactions are cleared very fast, and you don’t have to wait for it to happen physically.
  • As you are not worried about the payments, hence you can attain more customers which increase your turnover and finally your profits.


Well these services are provided by many companies, then why only us.

  • Well we have an edge over the other providers. We are the best and ensure that the customer requirements are fully met.
  • The services we provide are of high quality.
  • We have a dedicated team of young and talented people who are constantly innovating just to make your experience a better one from the previous.
  • We not only provide you the service but also provide you technical advice related to what are the best structures available for your company, latest improvements, etc.
Customer is everything and hence our profit is only your satisfaction.
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