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We are India’s leading IVR service provider since 2011 and in our service you get a welcome message that directly creates a brand image of your company well before any of your client contacts to your company representative.

What is IVR – Interactive Voice Response?

Interactive Voice Response system is a skill that enables callers to interact with pre-recorded audio which directs to proceed further. It is an automated telephony system that interacts with calling person, collects the information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. IVR enables callers to intermingle with an organization’s pre-recorded system by recognizing the speech that is used as a self -service application for their enquiries by following the IVR dialogue. It accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides appropriate responses in the form of speech, fax, e-mail and any other media. This system is commonly known as automated attendant which help to cost cut on human agents and also to improve customers’ experiences.

SWADESHI InfoTECH strives to provide the best services in this field and has been providing unmatchable service for a very long time. Our crew of interactive voice response system experts will work hand-in-hand with you to determine the best interactive voice response system or other customized solutions for you. We will look upon the core communication requisites of your business as well and also will recommend customized IVR services to optimize efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Use of IVR

There are several uses of IVR in the practical and digital world. We enumerate some of them below:

  • Banking – Account / transaction Information, Telephone-banking.
  • Telecom – Subscriber Information, VAS, Service start-stop, Billing Information, etc.
  • Transport industry – Enquiry, Reservation and status.
  • Medical Industry – Appointment, Reporting and autonomous alert.
  • Service Industry – Customer Support and arrangement of service.
  • BPO – IVRS is essential portion of a call centre.
  • Manufacturing – Stock Update and Enquiry.
  • Benefits of IVR
  • Improve customer service.
  • Reduces cost.
  • More demanding areas of service.
  • Service a wide set of languages.
  • Customer Prioritization based on Called number identification service and call reason.
  • Call logs-web interface, available for auditing, performance report and future enhancement.
  • Call recording.
  • Voice mail and call alerts.


Our squad of experienced support professionals will be available 24*7 to help you with any problems or concerns you may have.Customer message should be a core focus of your business and our too. SWADESHI InfoTECH will equip your business with powerful cloud-based solutions that promise to enhance your efficiency while reducing your overall operating cost.We stand by our IVR platform and our text based applications.

  • Nothing is more important to us in comparison to our clients’ satisfaction.
  • Hand on Hand service (24*7).
  • Client satisfaction is prior to us.
Our Cloud Based IVR Service is fully tailored facility and as per your business requirement we can customize the settings.
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