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Domain Registration

Gain My Page Rank (SWADESHI InfoTECH) is a web designing agency that offers awide range of websites and web based application and its solutions. Its services include web designing, development, graphics and android development.

What is domain registration?

It is easy to attract a customer by the looks of the shop. If it is clean and neat, every customer wants to enter the shop. Domain name gives the first impression to the client. It is always said that first impression is the best impression. So domain name has to make the best impression. Domain name gives respectability and professional authenticity. It is correctly said‘Well begun is half done’.Beginning a domain name registration of the website is a best start to mark your business presence. SWADESHI InfoTECH provides unmatchable services in the field of domain registration, and we hold a good reputation among our clients.

Impact of domain name:

Choosing a domain and registering is the main and utmost important thing for the company to mark its presence in the gigantic sea of internet. The domain name has to have the following features for the best presence among the people. GPMR is among the best to include these features:

  • Easy to remember. Domain name has to be concise and precise, and it has to be easily used in day to day life to remember. It has to be catchy and witty yet unique to mark your name among the people.
  • Improve search engine rankings. The domain name has a major role in the business of an organisation. Choosing the best domain name will ensure that your name comes at the top of the SEO ranking so has to display your webpage in the first page of the search engine itself.
  • Better branding and fewer errors. If your domain name is similar to some other domain name that is already existing, then there is a possibility of misleading and thus losing scores of clients in the go. So one must be particularly sure that the name it not similar or misspelt while typing the domain name by the client.
  • Establish thetype of Organisation. The domain name represents the identity of your organisation on the internet. So you must be very careful when choosing the domain name.

When these all features are combined with one package and is given to the client as a whole by GPMR, then why to worry about the rest.


  • Irresistible deals with the best offers in hand, least price with the best names are the features of SWADESHI InfoTECH.
  • SWADESHI InfoTECH never fails to excite the clients with common yet unique names to the customers to achieve a higher SEO ranking among the competitors.
SWADESHI InfoTECH offers the best support to the clients even after selling the domain name. For the domain name registration, there is only one say:
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